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“…water providers should have active programs, working together with building inspectors and public health agencies, to detect and deter cross-contamination…distribution systems should have regularly tested backflow prevention valves that can prevent or at least isolate incursions.”

- Justice O’Connor

Report on the Walkerton Inquiry

(Part II, p.237)


Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Education and Outreach

Although we are an Ontario based company, and quote mainly Ontario legislation, we are proud to be involved on the international stage with regards to backflow prevention, cross connection control and education.  

This educational website, not only has Ontario content, but also includes our Canadian, American and International colleagues. There is a tremendous amount of information and knowledge that we can tap into from our friends.

If you are visiting this site for the first time and find that your association/company is not listed, please help us correct this oversight. Forward your information (website address) to info@backflowdiva.com.

Disclaimer: www.backflowdiva.com is not affiliated with any contractors, companies, businesses, manufacturers, associations, local, provincial or federal governments,. The purpose of this website is strictly for backflow prevention and cross connection control education and outreach.                                                                                           


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